Dr. Elcrist "Skully" Skelane

Goblin Archaeologist and Treasure Hunter


Skully was met in an alley in Homen during the World Festival. He claims to be a Halfling that was polymorphed into a Goblin against his will and made a business proposal to the Heroes that would benefit all of them.

Skully claims to be a Halfling, but he is clearly a Goblin. He has no memory of being turned into a Goblin and no details of who might have polymorphed him. He does remember being really close to a great discovery. It all sounds pretty shady.

He does seem to know a lot about the ruins beneath the small town of Homen. His theory about undiscovered ruins underneath the Stuart Estate in the Noble District was correct. He was also right about the leylines creating places of power where they cross. He calls them Beacons. So far everything he has said has been true.

Skully carries a magical compass that glows with a soft blue light when it’s close to a Leyline Beacon. He also carries a light crossbow and a whip.


Dr. Elcrist "Skully" Skelane

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