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In the Footsteps of Giants

This is the second campaign built for this world that tells the story of 6 shady individuals, all with their own secrets, who come together for mutual gain and stumble upon something much greater. While they try to build their own legends and carve out a piece of the world for themselves, a promise of great wealth and power is too good to pass up.

Thieves, Assassins, Heists, Giants, Leylines, Fey, Poisons, Traps and more come together to make an adventure that crosses multiple worlds and ties them all together in suprising ways. Built on one of the oldest legends in Larian history, the Fey King Daijast.

Skull Island

The Heroes were hired by a professor from Altin University to explore a newly discovered island in the Tempest Coast, an area that is usually too dangerous to sail because of massive storms. It’s the quiet season for the storms and a merchant ship took the risk and found an uncharted island with an ominous cave. The professor has a theory that the cave may hold relics from an Old God civilization from thousands of years ago.

Not The Only Ones

As the Heroes arrived at Skull Island, they notice that Pirates have already landed and are looting the cave! In the spirit of not sharing, the Heroes stormed the Pirates ship and took it over. They ransomed the ship for most of their cargo they took from the island and left them with a small amount to take home for themselves. The Pirates agreed to leave.

Temple of the Void

The Professor was right! The cave on Skull Island did have a secret. Inside was an ancient temple to the Old Gods, filled with all kinds of odd creatures and deadly traps. Behind a secret wall was a vault containing a Holy Text of the Void and some magic items. There were oozes that were actual extradimensional spaces. If a Bag of Holding had fallen into one, it could’ve set off a massive explosion. Luckily, the Heroes managed to dispatch the oozes and move on.

The Overgrown Observatory

Deep in the temple, past a shady bridge over Insanity Mist, was a room where the walls were decorated with the constellations you’d usually see outside. In the center of the room was a cockpit-like device powered by 3 “void stones”.

The Observatory was overgrown with some sort of fungus. When the Heroes entered, 4 fungus monsters attacked and began throwing spores, trying to infect everyone with their mold. Kimzen, the monk who is nearly impossible to damage, almost died from the effects of the spores, but the Heroes worked together and destroyed the threat…or so they thought As the fungus monsters died, a huge pitcher plant burst from the ground and they realized that the fungus monsters were only stalks of a much larger plant. Each time they stabbed or pierced the plant, it sprayed acid. Once again, the Heroes prevailed. Kat, the wizard, took samples of the plant and the poison inside. While harvesting it, she found a black and purple “void stone” inside it. This must have been what caused the plant to become a monster.

When activated, the device in the center of the room could see through the walls of the temple and the cave for a direct view of the universe. The device had details of stars so far away, they hadn’t been identified yet. This was an amazing discovery that would need more research, but they didn’t want to leave it activated. The Heroes carefully removed the Void Stones and took them.

The Void

In the deepest chamber, the skull of a powerful psionic priest of the temple was trapped in the Sanctum that contained an active Gate to the Void (Far Realms). The skull demanded to be set free, then tried diplomacy, but the Heroes decided it couldn’t be set free. The skull tried to possess the weakened Kimzen, but he failed and the Heroes destroyed him for good.

Kimzen was tempted to cross the Gate into the Void, but he came to his senses. Everyone knew that was a trip you would not come back from. It was decided the Gate must be destroyed. Everyone moved away and Darr tried a new wizard technique he learned from Kat. He used his magic to throw a Heavy Flail at the Gate’s frame and hit a critical piece, causing the frame to crumble and the Gate to collapse. It was a good shot!

What’s Next?

It’s time to head home and relax a little bit. Who knows what’s next?

In the Footsteps of Giants

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