In the Footsteps of Giants

Filling In The Blanks
More Detail Coming Soon

The Heroes have made it to Altin and established an Adventurer’s Guild (hiding a Thieve’s Guild) that has become quite successful. The trophies they’ve brought back from their expeditions and their deeds have gained them a respectful reputation and some followers who have joined the guild. The guild is growing nicely.

Some notable things that have happened:

  • Some slavers were killed on the road to Altin. The slaves they were transporting, a cook and a blacksmith, have joined the guild.
  • A Mimic(Bob) and an Otyugh(Steve) now live at the guild hall.
  • A great, black yeti named Goretooth was killed. His fur decorates the guild hall now.
  • A second portal to Thaea was found in a cave on the beach north of Altin.
  • A Noble Shae from the shadow realm attacked the Heroes when they opened the portal
  • Moon Gazer crossed the Heroes’ path while in Thaea and became enraged. They
    managed to hide until he left.
  • Another Leypool was found and the Heroes absorbed the power.
  • The Heroes met a Dungeon Dragon who is still building her masterpiece dungeon. They
    got a chance to beta test it for her.
  • The Marshall of the Historical District of Altin has been hung from the rafters of the Opera House during a performance and exposed as one of the leaders of the Altin Assassin’s Guild. The Heroes did not take credit for this accomplishment.
  • Kat, with the help of her friends, has passed the first Trial of her studying at Altin University.
The White Dragon Job

Last Game – Sunday, April 23rd – The White Dragon Job?

Before the Heroes could leave for Altin, preparations needed to be made. Zoka and Kat had lived in Homen all of their lives and needed a week to make arrangements. In the meantime, the other Heroes (Tarek, Silas, Kimzen and Darr) decided to make some extra money by taking a bounty job.

A local hunter/trapper named Ukros was hunting in the Silvergreen Forest east of Homen when he was attacked. He claimed he was attacked by a White Dragon, but they rarely come north from the snow regions. The bear he had freshly killed was taken and he barely survived. All he had was a location and a white draconic scale attached to his clothing. He gave it to the Heroes and offered to pay them in dragonhide leathers if they would bring him proof that the monster was dead and a trophy. If the meat was good, he wanted a steak as well.

The White Dragon Albino Wyvern Job

The Heroes took the scale to the Homen Magical Academy and asked the headmaster Maven Tafer to see if he could confirm it was a White Dragon or identify it. The scale was destroyed in the process, but Maven was able to tell it wasn’t a White Dragon. The scale wasn’t pearlescent and had no reflection in the light. This was an albino scale of a Wyvern, also in the dragon family. It provided the Heroes a small comfort that they wouldn’t have to face a True Dragon.

Heading To Silvergreen

It took two days to reach the edge of Silvergreen. Tarek decided to try his hand at fishing after his conversations with Ukros. While resting at a campsite near Gorma Creek, Tarek managed to catch a rare bullfrog called a Rivertongue. Excited over his beginner’s luck, he walked down the creekside to where it met Talleye Bay and cast his makeshift fishing pole into the bay. No one is sure what he hooked, but it yanked his pole from his hands and he watched as the fishing pole sailed into the sunset. Could it have been a fabled Black Dragon Squid they say live in the bay?

The other Heroes laughed at his story and enjoyed sharing the Rivertongue delicacy as dinner.

It’s A Trap!

At the end of the second day, the Heroes arrived at Ukros’ Campsite in Silvergreen where the Eliste River and the South Lasri Stream meet. He had left all of his gear behind and crawled to the road for help, so all his trapping and fishing gear was left behind…but some things were missing. Ukros specifically asked the Heroes to return a rare Adamantine Fish Hook from his tackle, but the tackle box was gone. Small footsteps headed east along the Eliste River.

The Heroes decided to make sure the area was safe and rest for the night. Tarek fished up a couple of Lockerage (red and black striped large fish) and Silas managed to hunt a deer. They ate well that night and had enough meat to last for days. They took inventory of the traps Ukros had left behind and decided they would start hunting the next day.

The next morning, the Heroes took the advice of Maven Tafer and decided to hunt down some large game to bait the Wyvern. The unfortunate animal was a Meneli (Elk) with a rack of antlers the size of a small wagon. The night before, a bet was made that Kimzen (Monk) couldn’t take down an Elk with one punch. He accepted the challenge. Kimzen stepped out into the clearing as the other waited in hiding. Silas readied an arrow in case Kimzen was unsuccessful.

Kimzen provoked the territorial Elk and it charged him! The quick monk side-stepped and punched the Elk in the ribs, cracking them and seriously injuring the animal. A second later, an arrow pierced the Elk’s heart and Silas delivered a swift, killing blow. Tarek paid Silas 10 gold since he lost the bet, but everyone was entertained by the spectacle.

The Elk’s head and antlers were safely removed and stored in a Bag of Holding while the rest of the carcass was prepared as bait. It was laid in a clearing with a huge net camouflaged underneath. Other traps were set in the area, blood was smeared around and the Heroes laid in waiting as the sun went down. They hoped the Wyvern would take the bait and it did.

The Wyvern (Rieme) landed in the empty campsite and investigated the fresh blood of the Elk. He followed it to the clearing, passing right by Tarek and Silas hiding in the bushes, and took the bait. Unfortunately, Rieme was larger than most Wyverns due to his albino deformity and the net wasn’t large enough to trap him. It didn’t matter. The Heroes quickly ambushed Rieme from all sides and did some serious damage before the Wyvern retreated. Rieme flew south towards the Fireheart Mountains and the Heroes followed the trail of blood he left behind.

The Fireheart Cliffs

The Heroes tracked Rieme into the mountains until they were forced to climb a series of cliffs. Rieme watched them from above and tried to slow them down by causing a landslide of rocks to crash down. Luckily, the dextrous Heroes dodged the rocks and continued the long climb. Half way up the mountain, Silas stood at a 10 foot gap and knew the jump could be deadly. He used his Hunter skills to Wild Shape into a bird and flew to the top of mountain with a rope. He secured it and dropped it down to his friends, who look at him in astonishment.


Rieme’s Final Stand

The Heroes made it to the top of the cliffs and found Rieme’s Lair in a cave. They once again surrounded the Wyvern and killed it, taking their trophies and another head planned for the wall at the Guild Hall when they arrive in Altin. They climbed back down the cliffs and headed back to the campsite to find Ukros’ missing Adamantine Fish Hook.

King Dorne

The small footsteps leading east from Ukros’ Campsite led to a cave where an insane Derro named King Dorne lives. He claims to be a King because he saw his future in a vision. He believes he will one day have his own kingdom. In the meantime, he kidnaps unfortunate travellers and performs experiments on them to determine how they’re able to walk in the Sun. He doesn’t kill his victims. Instead, he alters their memories and sends them home much like people who believe they’ve been abducted by aliens. Most of them remember the encounter as if it were a bad nightmare.

As soon as the Heroes identified the Derro as the thief of the fish hook they were looking for, they attacked King Dorne without conversation. Before they had a chance to kill him King Dorne begged for his life and the Heroes stopped their assault. King Dorne quickly turned over the Adamantine Fish Hook and the Heroes gave him a claw of Rieme as an apology for nearly killing him. King Dorne was happy since Rieme had tormented him for many years.

Back to Homen

The trip back to Homen was uneventful. The Heroes gave Ukros the other claw of Rieme as a trophy and brought him a steak as promised. He paid them in dragonhide leathers of their choice and after hearing Tarek’s story of the fish that got away, Ukros offered to craft Tarek a masterwork fishing pole so that the next one doesn’t get away.

The Story So Far

The Festival – Day 1

The Larian World Festival has begun in Homen and the marks are plenty! People from all over the world, carrying treasures from all over the world, have gathered in this small town. Some of them are now leaving without their possessions. Even the festival itself has reported a robbery of one of the game booths. But the real talk about town is the Exotic Familiars trader who didn’t properly secure his merchandise and they escaped into the crowd. A few people were bitten by Scarlet Spiders or pecked at by Ravens, but a local priestess who wouldn’t leave her temple and the Festival Committee are making sure everyone is attended.

Luckily, a few (anti)heroic people didn’t run from the fight and put the Festival back on track. The Festival Committee is very gracious to people who help them keep incidents discrete, so the Heroes were rewarded with a free night at the Blue Lobster Inn, including free food and drinks!

A New Friend

The Heroes enjoyed their reward and took full advantage of the hospitality that evening. The first day of the Festival ended with fireworks over the Bay. While watching the show outside, the Heroes hear a growling coming from a nearby alley. It turns out to be a goblin, naked and bloody, who isn’t what he seems. He says he was once a Halfling named Dr. Elcrist “Skully” Skelane, an archaeologist and hunter of ancient relics.

His current specialty is the Leylines, ancient pathways that the Fey and Giants once used to travel the world. While investigating the Leylines, he says he was ambushed and blacked out. When he awoke, he was a goblin stranded in the wilderness. He boarded a ship as a stow-away and ended up in Homen. As he exited the ship, he stashed his valuables below the docks and tried to find some help. His first attempt left him beaten and robbed of the money he tried to use to get fixed, just before the fireworks began. Skully needs help. He doesn’t intend to stay a goblin forever, but he is broke and the city is full of too many people for him to walk around as a goblin. Luckily though, he has a plan to fix both problems.

The Heroes get Skully cleaned up and hear his story. He offers an idea on how he can get the money he needs to get cured, as well as setup the Heroes with more money than they’ve ever had in their pockets. A nobleman named Coleman Stuart’s estate was built on the ruins of an ancient Fey temple. The stone foundation of the house is actually part of the original temple. But Mr. Stuart has refused Dr. Skelane access to his home to find the entrance to the temple and doesn’t believe the story. If there were ruins under his house, surely he would know about it by now. Skully believes they are still untouched, or someone would have announced the finding by now.

Skully believes that underneath the Stuart Estate is actually a Leyline Beacon, a place where multiple Leylines cross and form a power center. He’s been trying to prove their existence for many years. If he’s correct, a Fey temple that hasn’t been looted will surely be full of treasures and relics that will be quite valuable. Skully can get cured and the Heroes will have enough money to start their own lives.

Festival Day 2 – The Noble District – Recon Day

Getting into the Stuart Estate to find the temple entrance proved to be a challenge in itself. Given a choice to go over the wall or through the sewers, the Heroes decided to check out the sewers in case they needed that route to get in or out later. They confirmed what the students of Homen Magical Academy always joked about. There was a large ooze monster crawling around the sewers that slowed them down a bit, but was easily dispatched. After a not-so-stealthy exit from the sewers, the Heroes checked out the patrol routes of the Town Guard and found out that 3 Captains regularly patrol the Noble District on horses, while each checkpoint has two guards. The Stuart Estate seems to be very lightly guarded because of the Festival.

Festival Day 3 – The Secret of Gol’Mithrin

The ruins under the Stuart Estate were just the entrance to something greater. The portal in the back of the old temple was still active and opened to another world unseen for over a thousand years, Thaea, the realm of the Fey. Stories say that is was once a world of greaty beauty and wild magic, but it has been growing uncontrolled for a very long time. Plants and wildlife have overgrown and become deadly. Any trace of civilization is quickly wiped out by the great beast called Moon Gazer.

It turns out that it was once a village of giants called Rudash that acted as a travel hub between the Fey and people of Laria. After King Daijast marched his army into Laria, most of Thaea fell under the shadow of Moon Gazer and the village was destroyed. Only a few buildings and an old Cyclops named Beoskull remain. The old Cyclops is the groundskeeper for the two great trees that grow in the Temple of Gol’Mithrin and stays to fulfill his oath.

It turns out the ruins weren’t the actual Temple of Gol’Mithrin, but just the travel hub for the Larian side of the portal. The real Temple was here in Thaea, buried deep in a jungle of hostile wildlife. With some advice from Beoskull, the Heroes were able to make it into the Temple and found it was already occupied. Two Dryads named Ladis and Asta are bound to the trees that grow in the temple and have been enslaved by the two-headed troll Ashmog and Kroshar (Ash’Kro) who has taken it over. The Heroes set a trap for Ash’Kro before “they” return from their trophy hunt and catch him by suprise. He leaves his cockatrice pets to fight while he makes a run for the Sanctum within the temple. The Heroes kill Ash’Kro just as he reaches to open the door.

The Power of Leylines

Inside the Sanctum is a pool of concentrated wild magic, a result of multiple leylines converging in one place. It seems there’s a connection between Laria and Thaea where these “beacons” are created. It explains why the Fey chose these areas to build their portals. The Heroes experiment and investigate the pool until an impatient rogue takes a chance and drinks from the pool. The green glow of magic engulfs him and he is empowered. Soon after, all of the Heroes follow suit and absorb the magic from the pool. The magic leaves the area, now a part of them. The pool itself was adorned with large emeralds. The Heroes take them and give Skully one as his cut for the job. Skully also collects relics from Thaea and the temple to prove his discovery to the world.

The Heroes give the Dryads enough of the water from the pool to restore their trees in the temple and they decide to stay and rebuild. With his purpose renewed, Rudash stays to remain as groundskeeper and try to reclaim his village.

Back in Homen

The Heroes arrive back in Homen just in time to enjoy the last hours of the World Festival. Skully immediately goes to the Universal Temple to get restored. He pays for a restoration with his emerald and is turned back into a Halfing. He wasn’t lying after all!

While having celebration drinks at the Blue Lobster Inn, the Hostess lays a silver coin on the table and says that it was delivered by a courier for the Heroes with no message. The coin appears to be Altin currency, but slightly altered. After careful inspection, the coin opens and there is a paper note inside. Someone noticed the Heroes rob the game booth at the World Festival and wants to meet with them. The note instructs them to go to the Emperor Tavern in the Commons to have some drinks tomorrow night and wait for futher instructions. The Heroes agree to go and see who is sending them messages.

The Mining Job

The Emperor was very busy the night the Heroes arrive. The Galloway Mining Company had sent all the miners home for 3 days and the miners are celebrating. While having drinks, the Heroes decide to investigate what would close down the Mining Co. by buying some miners a drink and eavesdropping on other conversations. It turns out something valuable (and deadly) was found in Mine A and the Mining Co. is making arrangements to sell it. One miner was killed excavating the prize. Business has been closed until the prize has been moved from the safe in the Mining Office to the Homen Bank Vault in two days.

After an hour or so, a barmaid brings more drinks to the table. Kimzen’s drink has another silver coin under it with another message. This note instructs the Heroes to walk across the street to the Highwayman’s Flask and order “something deadly” from the bartender. Just walking into the Flask is deadly since it’s a known haven for thieves and assassins. The Heroes cautiously enter and place their order with the bartender. He takes them into the back storage room and moves some boxes to reveal a secret door and some stairs leading down.

The Thieves of Homen

The Heroes are invited into the Thieves Guild of Homen and soon meet their leader, Locke Finlay, a charismatic Half-Snow Orc who sent them to the Emperor as a test to see if they would pick up on the Mining Job. They passed his test and he makes them an offer. Steal the prize from the Mining Office and bring it to him for a bag of 24 Black Pearls worth over 10,000 gold. It was an offer the Heroes found too good to refuse.

Locke wasn’t the only member of the Thieves Guild that the Heroes met that day. There was a young woman code named Hummingbird and a very large man simply named Beater. It turned out that the barmaid, Christine, at the Emperor who delivered the second coin is also a member.

Galloway Mining Company

Sneaking into the site wasn’t a major challenge. Zoka, Tarek and Kimzen quietly moved through the mining camp while Kat, Silas and Darr kept watch outside the fence and prepared for any trouble. The stealth team climbed onto the Office roof and looked opened a skylight to find that the safe was missing. There was a hole in the floor instead.

The safe didn’t go far. In the hole, the Heroes found the safe opened and empty. There was also a tunnel leading north into Mine B which had been closed due to recent flooding. It appeared that some of the miners decided to steal the prize for themselves and tunneled into the office from the nearby mine while it was empty. Unfortunately, the deadly prize wasn’t finished taking lives.

As the Heroes investigated the tunnels, they found other miners who had died in terrible ways. Only one miner managed to make it into Mine B, where he met with his buyer and quickly tried to give away the prize and collect his payment. The cloaked, tattooed buyer took the prize and quickly assassinated the poor miner just as the Heroes arrived on the scene. In a scene of poetic justice, the Heroes assassinated the assassin before he could escape or pull any tricks.

The Geodon Crystal

It turns out that the prize that was found in Mine A was a Geodon Crystal, a rare cursed object used by dragons at the end of their days to halt the effects of time. If a dragon consumes a Geodon Crystal, it can suppress the rage and insanity that comes with Twilight for one year. Great Wyrms covet Geodon Crystals almost more than treasure. Unfortunately, the Geodon Crystal has a negative effect on all other races who come near it. It can turn the most intellectual and peaceful beings violent and simple. The miners learned this the hard way.

Zoka was almost immediately affected by the Geodon Crystal. His speech and mannerisms changed and he even attempted to stab Kimzen on the way out of the mine. Luckily, the monk was too fast for his blade and didn’t hold it against him. He knew he was being affected. On the way out, Tarek also fell victim to the effect, but managed to keep his weapons sheathed.

During the events in Mine B, guards realized the safe was missing and stormed into the tunnel. Silas summoned a Dire Badger distraction and gave the stealth team enough time to jump the fence and make it out undetected. As far as the guards know, the miners stole the Geodon Crystal and made off with it. Mission Accomplished!

The Meeting With Locke

The Heroes met Locke in a neutral location outside of town and handed over the Geodon Crystal. Locke was given a bag made of golden dragonhide leather that seemed to neutralize the effects. It was clear someone had paid Locke to retrieve the crystal who already knew how it worked. There was no sign that Locke himself knew of the dangers, so the party concluded their business and received their payment of black pearls.

The Tattooed Assassin

Locke also ordered his crew to leave so that he could speak to the Heroes privately. He offered them another job. A job that he couldn’t allow his people to find out about. The assassin they had killed in the mines worked for a larger and much more powerful guild in Altin, the capital city of the Vanda Empire. This guild forces Locke and his crew to pay part of all their profits in fealty and repeatedly steals larger jobs for themselves. They cross into Homen territory for business without honoring Locke or even notifying him and he is tired of it. He wants to see the Altin Thieves Guild dismantled and replaced with one more aligned with him.

Locke knows the leaders of the Altin Thieves and offers the Heroes his information if they agree to travel to Altin and eradicate the guild. He even offered his assistance to help the Heroes replace the Altin Thieves with their own guild as long as they agree he gets full control of the Homen territory and that they will not take jobs in his area unless he gets a cut. He also gets to keep all profits from jobs his crew runs from now on.

Skully’s Proposition

Skully was able to show his relics to some of his colleagues and collect some investments in future discoveries. He offered the Heroes a chance to join him on future Leyline adventures and they happily accepted. Skully and the Heroes agreed to start a new Adventurer’s Guild in Altin and use it as a base of operations. Skully says he has some leads on buildings that would be a great start, even for the shady dealings of a Thieves Guild.

The Heroes agreed and set themselves on a path to Altin, start an Adventuring/Thieves Guild and destroy another Thieves Guild.


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