In the Footsteps of Giants

Filling In The Blanks

More Detail Coming Soon

The Heroes have made it to Altin and established an Adventurer’s Guild (hiding a Thieve’s Guild) that has become quite successful. The trophies they’ve brought back from their expeditions and their deeds have gained them a respectful reputation and some followers who have joined the guild. The guild is growing nicely.

Some notable things that have happened:

  • Some slavers were killed on the road to Altin. The slaves they were transporting, a cook and a blacksmith, have joined the guild.
  • A Mimic(Bob) and an Otyugh(Steve) now live at the guild hall.
  • A great, black yeti named Goretooth was killed. His fur decorates the guild hall now.
  • A second portal to Thaea was found in a cave on the beach north of Altin.
  • A Noble Shae from the shadow realm attacked the Heroes when they opened the portal
  • Moon Gazer crossed the Heroes’ path while in Thaea and became enraged. They
    managed to hide until he left.
  • Another Leypool was found and the Heroes absorbed the power.
  • The Heroes met a Dungeon Dragon who is still building her masterpiece dungeon. They
    got a chance to beta test it for her.
  • The Marshall of the Historical District of Altin has been hung from the rafters of the Opera House during a performance and exposed as one of the leaders of the Altin Assassin’s Guild. The Heroes did not take credit for this accomplishment.
  • Kat, with the help of her friends, has passed the first Trial of her studying at Altin University.



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