In the Footsteps of Giants

The White Dragon Job

Last Game – Sunday, April 23rd – The White Dragon Job?

Before the Heroes could leave for Altin, preparations needed to be made. Zoka and Kat had lived in Homen all of their lives and needed a week to make arrangements. In the meantime, the other Heroes (Tarek, Silas, Kimzen and Darr) decided to make some extra money by taking a bounty job.

A local hunter/trapper named Ukros was hunting in the Silvergreen Forest east of Homen when he was attacked. He claimed he was attacked by a White Dragon, but they rarely come north from the snow regions. The bear he had freshly killed was taken and he barely survived. All he had was a location and a white draconic scale attached to his clothing. He gave it to the Heroes and offered to pay them in dragonhide leathers if they would bring him proof that the monster was dead and a trophy. If the meat was good, he wanted a steak as well.

The White Dragon Albino Wyvern Job

The Heroes took the scale to the Homen Magical Academy and asked the headmaster Maven Tafer to see if he could confirm it was a White Dragon or identify it. The scale was destroyed in the process, but Maven was able to tell it wasn’t a White Dragon. The scale wasn’t pearlescent and had no reflection in the light. This was an albino scale of a Wyvern, also in the dragon family. It provided the Heroes a small comfort that they wouldn’t have to face a True Dragon.

Heading To Silvergreen

It took two days to reach the edge of Silvergreen. Tarek decided to try his hand at fishing after his conversations with Ukros. While resting at a campsite near Gorma Creek, Tarek managed to catch a rare bullfrog called a Rivertongue. Excited over his beginner’s luck, he walked down the creekside to where it met Talleye Bay and cast his makeshift fishing pole into the bay. No one is sure what he hooked, but it yanked his pole from his hands and he watched as the fishing pole sailed into the sunset. Could it have been a fabled Black Dragon Squid they say live in the bay?

The other Heroes laughed at his story and enjoyed sharing the Rivertongue delicacy as dinner.

It’s A Trap!

At the end of the second day, the Heroes arrived at Ukros’ Campsite in Silvergreen where the Eliste River and the South Lasri Stream meet. He had left all of his gear behind and crawled to the road for help, so all his trapping and fishing gear was left behind…but some things were missing. Ukros specifically asked the Heroes to return a rare Adamantine Fish Hook from his tackle, but the tackle box was gone. Small footsteps headed east along the Eliste River.

The Heroes decided to make sure the area was safe and rest for the night. Tarek fished up a couple of Lockerage (red and black striped large fish) and Silas managed to hunt a deer. They ate well that night and had enough meat to last for days. They took inventory of the traps Ukros had left behind and decided they would start hunting the next day.

The next morning, the Heroes took the advice of Maven Tafer and decided to hunt down some large game to bait the Wyvern. The unfortunate animal was a Meneli (Elk) with a rack of antlers the size of a small wagon. The night before, a bet was made that Kimzen (Monk) couldn’t take down an Elk with one punch. He accepted the challenge. Kimzen stepped out into the clearing as the other waited in hiding. Silas readied an arrow in case Kimzen was unsuccessful.

Kimzen provoked the territorial Elk and it charged him! The quick monk side-stepped and punched the Elk in the ribs, cracking them and seriously injuring the animal. A second later, an arrow pierced the Elk’s heart and Silas delivered a swift, killing blow. Tarek paid Silas 10 gold since he lost the bet, but everyone was entertained by the spectacle.

The Elk’s head and antlers were safely removed and stored in a Bag of Holding while the rest of the carcass was prepared as bait. It was laid in a clearing with a huge net camouflaged underneath. Other traps were set in the area, blood was smeared around and the Heroes laid in waiting as the sun went down. They hoped the Wyvern would take the bait and it did.

The Wyvern (Rieme) landed in the empty campsite and investigated the fresh blood of the Elk. He followed it to the clearing, passing right by Tarek and Silas hiding in the bushes, and took the bait. Unfortunately, Rieme was larger than most Wyverns due to his albino deformity and the net wasn’t large enough to trap him. It didn’t matter. The Heroes quickly ambushed Rieme from all sides and did some serious damage before the Wyvern retreated. Rieme flew south towards the Fireheart Mountains and the Heroes followed the trail of blood he left behind.

The Fireheart Cliffs

The Heroes tracked Rieme into the mountains until they were forced to climb a series of cliffs. Rieme watched them from above and tried to slow them down by causing a landslide of rocks to crash down. Luckily, the dextrous Heroes dodged the rocks and continued the long climb. Half way up the mountain, Silas stood at a 10 foot gap and knew the jump could be deadly. He used his Hunter skills to Wild Shape into a bird and flew to the top of mountain with a rope. He secured it and dropped it down to his friends, who look at him in astonishment.


Rieme’s Final Stand

The Heroes made it to the top of the cliffs and found Rieme’s Lair in a cave. They once again surrounded the Wyvern and killed it, taking their trophies and another head planned for the wall at the Guild Hall when they arrive in Altin. They climbed back down the cliffs and headed back to the campsite to find Ukros’ missing Adamantine Fish Hook.

King Dorne

The small footsteps leading east from Ukros’ Campsite led to a cave where an insane Derro named King Dorne lives. He claims to be a King because he saw his future in a vision. He believes he will one day have his own kingdom. In the meantime, he kidnaps unfortunate travellers and performs experiments on them to determine how they’re able to walk in the Sun. He doesn’t kill his victims. Instead, he alters their memories and sends them home much like people who believe they’ve been abducted by aliens. Most of them remember the encounter as if it were a bad nightmare.

As soon as the Heroes identified the Derro as the thief of the fish hook they were looking for, they attacked King Dorne without conversation. Before they had a chance to kill him King Dorne begged for his life and the Heroes stopped their assault. King Dorne quickly turned over the Adamantine Fish Hook and the Heroes gave him a claw of Rieme as an apology for nearly killing him. King Dorne was happy since Rieme had tormented him for many years.

Back to Homen

The trip back to Homen was uneventful. The Heroes gave Ukros the other claw of Rieme as a trophy and brought him a steak as promised. He paid them in dragonhide leathers of their choice and after hearing Tarek’s story of the fish that got away, Ukros offered to craft Tarek a masterwork fishing pole so that the next one doesn’t get away.



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